I decided to start out by introducing myself. I will keep my name a secret for various reasons I won’t note down here but for now just what I do and why.

I am currently a student of the Asian Studies Programme at Copenhagen Business School(CBS). I Study Japanese as well as economics there and hope to be done with my bachelor in 2011. I am not the partying type anymore ever since I graduated from highschool, I simply got tired of it. I like the occasional funny tidbits online and I spend my free time with either my girlfriend or with other activities. I really like cooking and often experiment with new things and with improving old dishes such as old family dishes I learned from my mom while I still lived at home. I can only mention that I am most likely the modern man since I can clean, cook and take care of most things around the house.

Things I like:

  • Food
  • Cooking
  • Dark chocolate – 65% + cocoa yum
  • Coffee – Some say I am an addict.
  • Cartoons mostly Anime tho although I can get a good laugh out of some American ones aswell.
  • Manga – nice reading but I don’t like the too cutesy stuff.
  • DIY(Do It Yourself) – This stuff I can’t get enough of. I generally like to fix stuff and find solutions for problems.
  • Gaming – This once took up a lot of my life but sadly due to studies my limited free time does not allow it anymore.
  • Electronics and Computers – SpendĀ  a lot of time on these things.

Things I don’t like or even hate:

  • Religion – Pretty much takes first place in what I don’t like.
  • Extremist socialists – Ugh… Don’t get me started.
  • Fangirls – Any kind really, they really get on my nerves
  • Fanboys – Same reason as above.
  • Macfags – Babies playing with their Fischer price toys so they don’t get booboos.


Well just a quick list of things. You will more or less see posts about cooking etc. and why I hate religion etc.

Among other things I spend most of my time studying Japanese since it’s a pretty hard and time-consuming language to learn and from time to time I do regret I ever picked it. I do like economics mostly marketing though. Since I think I might major in marketing when I have finished my BA,

Things that people get surprised over is that I don’t Twitter or Twats as I call people who do it. Facebook is something I don’t spend time on, well it’s just too hip I guess. So that’s it’s for now hope someone bothers to read this.


2 Responses to “Introduction”

  1. Looking good, my man, looking good!

  2. Thanks my friend.

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