Well today was tedious, a  little weird yet fun at the same time aswell.

Having spent the most of the day at school my group finally finished a presentation prep. we were working on. I opted to walk with my friend to frederiksberg station as I usually do to be a bit social. We had basically just left the building and had walked around 100m and suddenly this girl stops on her bicycle and say “So, where are you guys going?” I look at her trying to identify her but her face didn’t register in my memory where as my friend thought it was someone I knew but no. Finally she realizes that we were the wrong people and tell up that we look like two guys from her class. At this point I said “Cool we have doppelgängers” where as the strange girl laughs a bit and apologizes for her mistake and is on her way. At this point I start to put up 3 alternatives, the first one being that she might be blind as a bat, the second one that her glasses were in dire need of a check and the third option would be that we really have doppelgängers at school which is kinda freaky in a cool way. What worries me is the dire ramifications this might have or that the universe might end if we run into each other.

All this also sparked a memory of an encounter I had around 7 months ago. I practically ran into a guy in 7 eleven that looked like an older version of me which I wasn’t the only one who realised as I think due to his imediate reaction also seemed to see the resemblance that we shared. Still such twilightesque  encounters happen from time to time and it francly scares me while being kinda cool at the same time.


One Response to “Doppelgänger?”

  1. I sometimes see people who look like the older version of my friends too. It’s so freaky, yet fun, so I always try to get a picture 8D

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