Assesment test

Every 2 weeks I get an assesment test in my Japanese class. This is fine with me although it’s stressfull when you have other classes but my teacher is extremely strict when grading and this makes the tests annoying for me. An example of this was the test from last week. I had studied extremely hard for it and answered every part of it. Today they were returned graded where I expected 30+/40 points but noo I got a frickin’ 26/40. Why? Beacause 2 of my answers were too simple in her opinion but not wrong and one was wrong which I do understand.

The reason this annoys me alot is just that the avarage has to be 1.1 to pass and each test is graded like this;

0-17.5 points is a -3
18-23.5 points is a 00
24-25.5 points is a 2
26-29.5 points is a 4
30-35 points is a 7
35.5-38 points is a 10
and 38.5 to 40 is a 12

I just needed to vent about it but I feel more and more inclinced to complain about it because I don’t feel like I have the time and level of memory to study all day in and out to pass that damn test when I have other classes as well.


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