2009, the year of fail

Personally I didn’t like 2009 that much, noisy people demonstrating and making a fuss all over town primarily due to COP15. It’s not that they aren’t allowed to do it but I don’t really think they accomplished anything although I must admit that the police did handle it a bit roughly but still a lot of things were said and done whilst a lot of people came here to demonstrate others came to destroy things. Apart from that we had a nice summer and terrorists were a bother again this year, a message to you terrorist guys “would you grow up already you idiots.”

Best game of 2009
I am quite split on this on one hand I have Dragon Age Origins but then again this doesn’t make it in one sense of it being a bit shorter although I did spend a lot of time on it but apart from that it was quite shot but good. Here’s the thing for 2009 games in sense of best game I don’t really think there is one since a lot of the releases fall short one way or another. I might get back to this when I try Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 but so far from what I’ve seen so far it’s a bit shallow. So I will go out on a limb and extend my best game of 2008 to 2009 and say that Fallout made it to here even with the DLCs provided for the game. Else it’s Dragon Age Origins.

Best movie of 2009
I watch a lot of movies in the Cinema every year around 30+ and yes I know that’s a lot of money but it’s kinda a hobby for me. Prettiest and best so far is Avatar mostly cause the sceneries made me drop my jaw and go wow. The story was ok but compared to other movies this year it was the best. On one note though I did like the Sherloc Holmes movie but didn’t feel too much like Sherloc Holmes to me but the movie was good.

Worst movie of 2009
New Moon I was dragged to the cinema to watch this movie by my gf and she even forced me to watch the first one. The thing about these two movies is that I can’t take them seriously what so ever. Twilight made me laugh my arse off as well as New Moon. The acting makes they guys seem like they just hit puberty and try to hide a boner every time they see the girl which brings me to her. Most likely the best actor but seems very out of context once in a while and has more personality swings then a person with a multiple personality disorder. More or less this movie was made to make girls wet in their panties since it’s filled with guys flashing their six packs and nipples *shivers* yeah that ain’t pleasant for a guy to be forced to watch. Still found the movie laughable.

Most fail moment of 2009
COP15 all that fuss and they didn’t amount to ANYTHING. Wasting boatloads of danish tax payer money for that shit? seriously the world should be better at giving a damn about what they show up for. I know they did reach some kind of agreement… BUT! seriously don’t come to a summit like COP15 without any plans and stop bickering about your economies will be hurt by a legally binding agreement. I know I know the Danish government takes partial blame for leaked documents etc. but still fucking annoying that a lot of countries can’t stop acting like drama queens sometimes.

This is it for this year. I wanted to keep it short. And so it’s short.

Of what to come?
I don’t know what 2010 holds in store other than the Cataclysm expansion for WoW and Mass Effect 2 so far. I hope that 2010 holds little trouble with religious extremists and great advances in science especially medical science. By medical science I mean that it’s about time we get a definitive cure for cancer guys. I also hope that 2010 brings some nice experiences.


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