Snow and Dog poop

Well it sure is winter here in little Denmark, though snow is nice at Christmas it isn’t so interesting afterwards. Here in Denmark you are responsible for the side walk in front of your house, this means if it isn’t clear and someone gets hurt because of it it is your fault. But for some reason people do a half arsed job and some don’t even care. This particularly annoys the crap out of me because after a bit of compacting from people walking over it and some thawing and refreezing it becomes slippery ice that could potentially fuck up your day. Apart from all of that I live on a street that’s notorious for it’s dog poop and this becomes ever so apparent when there’s snow. There’s a law that requires that people pick it up and dispose of it properly, yet the fine is so low no one cares not even the police if they see it. What do I propose? Increase the fine to 25000 Danish Kroner and lets see the police care about it.

As much as this is a rant I would really love if people would start being a bit responsible for their actions and do the right thing. And if you’re one of those people who doesn’t clear the side walk from snow, if I ever “knock on wood” have an accident in front of your house I will have my lawyer contact you.


2 Responses to “Snow and Dog poop”

  1. Raise it to a billion >:3
    Ok, maybe not, but at least 3,000 DKK.

    And yeah, it’s pretty annoying when people don’t clear the sidewalk for daaaaays. I almost slipped on it twice yesterday :/

  2. heh, still people don’t seem to care anymore.

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