Mass Effect 2

As promised I will now review Mass Effect 2. One thing I do now understand is the ratings game reviewers have been giving it, not saying it’s a bad game by no means. But I find it hard to justify that certain reviewers have been giving this game 9 out of 10 etc. Although the 9 out of 10’s are acceptable the 10/10’s are not. Personally I would have given it an 8 and in my book that’s astoundingly good. A 10 for me would be something that would make my brain start haemorrhaging from pure awesomeness or just something so good that I would be completely god smacked. But there has been no such game ever. To the game.

Mass effect has some flaws and I will start with those. The game has a game breaking issue which is everyone is capable of recognizing Sheppard with a full face mask, hell he’s even capable of knocking down drinks with a full face helmet on. Many have uttered that they should have done it like in Dragon Age: Origins where the helmets are toggled off at events where there is character interaction. Another problem for me is that Bioware claims that ME2 PC and X360 have been parallel developed but this is a blatant lie, since there are remnants of console optimization. My problem is that the game at times feel retarded on PC because the UI and controls are made so that they are optimized for console use and that’s fine on consoles but it proves that the game is a port and nothing else. Why it bothers me is because I am a big fan of PC game and all the Console fanbois can suck it when they say PC is dead. I just wish there was a better setup for PC for ME2. A last thing I found a bit irritating was the subtitles that were a bit screwy. Oh and the overall length of the game and some other content issues I will discuss below.

RPG to shoot em up!
Ok this bothers me a bit noted. ME1 had way too many items etc. but it made it feel big but gave the player a daunting task when you had to manage inventory. Although it was Bioware’s idea to make the game more FPS like to lure in FPS players ME2 is a bit lacking. There’s way too little customization options so I hope ME3 will have a middle thing between ME1 and ME2. This is one factor that makes the game seem short.

Sometimes SIZE does matter!
ME1 felt WAY fucking bigger than ME2 but why? Well in ME1 the cities were kinda bigger where as in ME2 the cities are small and there’s nothing to do really. The Citadel from ME1 is now so damn small it’s a joke even if the elevator scenes are gone it still makes the game seem small and short. Number of missions is also a bit disappointing although they feel more epic this time around.

My good points on this game is that the game feel in general very epic compared to ME1 but still very short since I was able to finish it in a VERY casual play style in no time which makes me a bit sad but still doesn’t change that the game entertained me. Another thing I liked was the resource gathering for upgrades… that was brilliant and nice but after a while I had all upgrades and a ton of resources which kinda shouldn’t happen. I also liked the small secret missions they were nice and felt relevant. The game had nice acting and a lot of possibilities as far as conversations go. On the graphics side it was nice looking and I liked the story and game play despite the few bothersome things. But this is why I will only give it an 8, so should you buy and play it? Hell yeah but play ME1 first else you will feel like an idiot. In addition I loved the surprise of Garrus as Arcangel, you may go duhhh but I didn’t know because apart from a few trailers I don’t like having games spoiled by reading up on them before I play through but the reason I loved Garrus is back is that he was my favourite team member in ME1 and that continued this game and I knew I could count on him. For romantic choice first play through I chose Miranda, quite honestly I couldn’t stop staring at that ass.. sheesh Bioware. Well that’s it for my review, next up Bioshock 2 and AVP.

PS. This review might be a little vague but I hate spoiling it for people.


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