Plead to the gaming industry

When developing a game for more than one platform i.e “Pc and console” please make sure to make a proper UI and control system for PC stop neglecting the fucking PC already, This is mostly a problem for FPS games or rather games with WASD controls for movement etc. the sole reason this pisses me off is that I can take a game like Mass Effect 2 and it feels console even with the controls. The irritation here is that I prefer playing my games on PC with keyboard and mouse… not a fucking controller and that’s final. One game that has been worrying me a bit is AVP that will be out soon is that all the control feedback I have seen is console base and I worry that like Bioshock and other console and PC cross platform releases that the PC version will suffer. So gaming industry stop focusing on only the console segment and make some proper controls and UIs for the PC. And consolefags suck it I don’t care if you thing games are meant to be played on the console.


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