Soo… It’s Moving Time.

I am having a hard time considering whether this a good or a bad thing. Although it will be nice to have 70m^2 divided on 3 rooms a kitchen and a bathroom to live in with my girlfriend than the scrawny 16m^2 1 room dorm room we live in now. My reservations lie in the amazing amount of money that will be consumed on rent, deposits, furniture, fridge, stove etc. not to mention the extra transportation cost since it’s a little longer from school than I am used to. My other worry comes in the form of the municipality I will be moving to has to be handed some information from my girlfriend and I in order to evaluate if we’re suitable to move into that flat. So in short a lot of things needs to be set in order for us to move. Right now I am looking forward to it but since the move will be in the middle of my exam period on CBS I fear I will have some trouble with that this year.

But good thing about this is that I finally get my damn office. I’ve wanted to have a place to study in nice peace and quiet for a long time. but for now I have to sort out paper work, moving arrangements and lay down a general strategy for my move. Another big worry is not having internet for a while because I the ISP I have will probably take a while to transfer my connection to my new flat. But having a proper kitchen for once where I can hone my cooking skills properly and have a proper oven will be awesome not to mention a bigger freezer than my measly small one on less than 10L I have in my current room. So A lot of big pluses and a few cons but I hope this will be enjoyable. Also hope the flat won’t be shoddy.


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