A little update…

Well I went to see this new flat of mine… apart from being shocked with the poor state of it and the fact it had gas hookup for the stove and a kitchen from somewhere in the 50’s or 60’s, it was a really run down old place. Because of that my girlfriend and I are thinking about cutting our losses and not move in unless the place will be renovated COMPLETELY, yes this might be a little like “yeah but is it really that bad?” my only answer to that is yes it is. I wouldn’t even let my worst enemy live there. Other things that were scary was the state of the walls which were covered in nicotine from the previous owner and it really seemed like someone had died in there. The place was really just sad.

In other news, I have an exam coming up next week I have to prep for and I even have to get all the stuff sorted out with my new flat. So busy busy busy.

On another note; if you’re ever in blockbuster or some other video rental shop, rent the movie “9”, it’s an animated movie set in a post-apocalyptic world. I would recommend it and it’s a shame it had very bad coverage since in my book that movie is decent.


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