This is how you train your dragon

Today I went to watch “How to train your dragon” after getting interested by the trailers at other movies.

You can find a resume here

But what did I think about the movie then? Well all in all I found it very entertaining and most likely the best animated movie I’ve seen in a while. Despite being an animated movie and the reputation they normally carry as a kids flick this one I would recommend for anyone. But it’s certainly worth a look. I did watch this as a Danish dub and I am normally the type of Dane that prefers to watch movies in their native language but this one wasn’t available. But the dubbing was nice and the names made more sense in Danish as well as the language as well. Not going to say the English voices are bad but this is Scandinavian heritage so more fitting to have it in our languages to be honest. Not going to give it a grade but this was well worth a trip to the cinema, and if you should have the time and it’s still showing in the cinemas near you go give it a look.


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