Bioshock 2 – Review

Well after having completed this game, although only of the side of the rightous, it gave me a good idea about the game and gameplay. When looking at Bioshock this time around it’s very different in character design and some gameplay elements. But I have some things to point out about the structure of the game itself. So general verdict would be that it’s an entertaining game but nothing near the first one.

Gameplay mechanics
Seriously why? Why do game developers keep dumbing down games for the console market? I must admit I do own a could of consoles myself but still sheesh. 2K games you disappointed me this time around with some of the gameplay mechanics. First the hacking….. this is just retarded because you can clearly see that this aspect of the game has been made in such a way that the console players can play too without being challenged too much. So what’s wrong with hacking this time around? Well in the first one hacking was made in a way where you had to solve a little puzzle of pipes that needed to be connected in order to unlock the vending machines in the game. But what they did in Bioshock 2 is what I would call stupid, instead of making it harder they made it so easy that you would easily be able to train a chimp to do it, yes this is most likely how they see the console generation. But by a gage that goes side from side and you need to time it so you hit either a blue or green field, the blue field gives a bonus and green just mark a normal hacking zone, where the red zones would start an alarm and the white zones would merely damage you a little. So what is my beef with this? Well as I’ve stated way too simple but I am not done yet, they added a remote hacking tool that’s fine and all but to that tool you have 3 different ammo types, one is a normal hacking dart that starts the hacking sequence from afar, the second type is an AUTO-HACK dart…. yes well I must admit I’ve used it since I was way too lazy to go through the lousy hacking sequences that were just too easy, and finally the last one I find awesome is the sentry gun that you can set up and it’s nice when you’re on the defence of the little-sisters which I will come to later. But that sums up hacking, of course the hacking sequence in Bioshock wasn’t hard but at least it was more fun.

Now to the little-sister aspect, I loved it. Well for one as mentioned you get to play as a big-daddy, the defender of the little-sisters which you used to take out in Bioshock. Not only is this an awesome way to get ADAM which is the currency for buying new Plasmids, it also gives you something extra to do than just follow the main story line. With the little-sisters you get two options when you have taken down another big-daddy in order to get one of these little sisters, and these two options is either to Adopt or Harvest. If you chose to adopt you take her with you to harvest ADAM from corpses that glow with this white fog-like aura this gives you more ADAM later but if you chose just to harvest her on the spot you will kill her in the process and get little ADAM out of it but it doesn’t cost you time in the process. But if you chose to harvest you need to get ready for some fights, whilst the little-sister is doing her thing you need to be on your toes to protect her because the splicers will be coming to try and get the ADAM. The enemies you will face during these ADAM hunts will get harder as you progress through the game, no brainer. After harvesting is done you go find another one, for each little-sister you can harvest up till two bodies then you have to go to a vent where you will be prompted with two choices again Rescue or Harvest, Rescue is the nice approach but doesn’t give as much ADAM as if you Harvest her, but this also kills her. For each level there are 2 little-sisters you can adopt and harvest ADAM with but beware, each time you rescue or harvest one of these little-sisters you have a chance of getting a little attention from big-sister. She is a female big-daddy version but is quite a bit more agile and annoying but no worries later on as you get used to her she gets easy to deal with which is kind of a shame but it’s not that bad.

The plasmids of Bioshock 2 gave the same level of play as in Bioshock and that’s what made the play style of Bioshock great. I would have like a little more innovation in this department since I didn’t really use a whole lot of abilities other than incinerate for the most of the game because I like watching my enemies burn. But else I am going to say they functioned just as well this time around as last time.

The guns of Bioshock 2 aren’t that special. They are different from the guns in Bioshock but can be upgraded in the same way. My favourite 3 weapons were Drill(Melee, with a charge ability), Gatling gun, and a Rivet Gun. The Drill itself was a nice thing for melee combat because you can charge your enemies with it and deliver a devastating blow to your enemies and you can drill holes in them and leave them in a gory puddle. The Gatling gun packs a good punch and to my liking was effective in both short and medium range and since there were almost never a reason for long-range combat. The Gatling gun carries 3 types of ammo, Standard, Armour piercing and Anti personal rounds which each have their benefit and it’s easy to figure out what to use each type for. Now for the Rivet Gun this thing pack a punch fully upgraded but it’s a little of the slow side. It also carries 3 types of Ammo; Standard Rivet, Trap Rivet and Heavy rivet. The only thing that needs explanation of those is the trap rivet, it embeds a rivet firing rivet into any surface with a sensor that’s marked with a red beam that then fires a rivet at any “thing” that crosses it but you. For the rest of the guns there are for example the double barreled shotgun this was only effective short-range and here I would rather use the drill. Then there’s the Turrets which I used but only later in the game to defend my little-sisters. There’s also a Spear gun which serves as a sniper rifle of sorts but with 3 different types of ammo; Spear, Rocket Spear, and Trap spear. Last one mention sets up an electrified wire between two points you chose. Last is the Grenade Launcher, does what it says, it fires a standard on impact grenade, a proximity grenade, and then a

You have 2 tools at your disposal. The first one is the hacking dart, which is useful at long-range for cameras and turrets. Then there’s the Camera, this thing I didn’t use a whole lot but its general function was to analyse enemies so that you could gain bonuses against them. Else there isn’t much to say about these 2 things.

Bioshock 2 isn’t prettier than its predecessor, but it still has the same feel luckily. This is one of the things I loved about Bioshock was the art-deco style it was made in. This gave it a neat feel to it. But else I can’t really point out anything special about the graphics. It ran nice on my 3-year-old machine which hasn’t seen any upgrades in a long time.

This is where I got a little disappointed with 2k studios. First of all the game itself feel too linear compared to its predecessor and makes you feel like you missed something a long the way but overall storywise the game wasn’t solid but I guess it’s ok for a 2nd in a row. Nothing much to say really, you wake up, you start looking for your daughter and after a while you get used to your plasmids and weapons. I am well aware that the game might have a different ending if you chose the evil path. If I ever do that I might update this review. But the story doesn’t have much of a re-play value. Then there’s Rapture this wonderous Art-deco city where heinous experiments and what not has been going on. Well Rapture is still done in the same style but for some reason it didn’t feel the same as it did in the game’s first instalment and Raputure is but a shadow of itself now. I am aware that some time has passed since the first one but still they should have kept it in a bit better shape.

The game is bad but it certainly isn’t good either, it’s wort giving a play through if you need a game to play and most likely something you would want to play if you liked the first game. There was a lot of differences and so on but nothing too badly and had some awesome and some stupid gameplay elements. Overall the game is what I would consider a game worth playing but it wasn’t a great game like Fallout 3 or Mass Effect. Just another game that would be a good time sink that will entertain you but nothing you will go wow over.


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