Sometimes I even impress myself with my own abilities. Today I had an oral examination where I got a 10 which is quite good for Danish standards. I usually only get average grade but this time around I did good. The reason for my excitement is not just that I got a 10 it’s how I did it. The premises of this exam was an assignment or as described by the course manual a mini-project. This is normally done in group of minimum 2 people and max 4 but due to unfortunate curcumstances I was unable to get a group so last minute I got a dispensation to write a 5 page assignment instead that I should defend. The assignment was according to my examinator one sided one and would only have gotten a 4 for it and normally you can only raise this one grade by defending it but I was somehow able to raise it two grades. They emphasized that I was good at oral presentations and had a certain aggressiveness to me that was in my own benefit. So all in all a fucking awesome day.


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