Phew… That’s 1/2 exams over with

Well today I passed the Oral Japanese Exam which is one of the two last exams I had. Now I just have a project defense next week but that as well need to preparation so that the defense will be as smooth as possible. But sheesh soo exhausted from only sleeping 2hours and 50 minutes last night. couldn’t sleep and I hate when that happens but sadly I haven found anything that will help. But all in all I passed Japanese so now I am quite please but I was quite unlucky with the text I drew for the exam since it was a text where I had been sick.

In other news 13 races of dogs are now illegal in Denmark. Although this was just decided last night there is nothing out yet of what is going to happen to the people that have one of these dogs. So keeping an eye out for that.

In other news or subjects; I currently have 2 drafts of posts lying around that I will finish in near future, one will be the AVP2010 review and another one called “Why more games should be like Fallout 3” but that one will take some time since there’s quite some work involved with it.


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