Cooking – You’d better know how to do this!

Cooking is one of my hobbies but for some reason I see a lot of people who don’t know how to do simple stuff and take little interest in cooking because either it’s too tedious or they think they aren’t good at it. Nonsense everyone can cook, you’re only going to be as good as you practice yourself to be. Although, bare in mind you need to be alert while cooking else it will burn or something else will happen.

The main reason I decided to write this is because of my passion for cooking but also because I feel that people are missing out on something. In addition to this I want to make it clear when I say Women get your butts back into the kitchen and bring your men. Cook together if anything. I originally didn’t want to bring in the whole gender debate here but I find it necessary for women and men alike to wake up and see what it’s all about. My general problem with some women most of the women I know can’t really cook same goes for the men. Well they can cook just not something fancy anyways.

What will I be going through then? Well initially I wanted to do videos on how to cook in a small kitchen, but that has one downside since I don’t have a video camera I scrapped this idea. Instead I will show you some basics like how to slice and dice an onion properly or one of my cool miniature microwave projects like my chocolate cake in a cup. But first up, how to dice an onion and the importance of knives and why you should respect them.

Onions are one of the things I like to use in a lot of my pot dishes and the like. I personally like the method to slice or dice an onion as shown in the following youtube video. This is sadly something I don’t see too many people use even though it’s easy and it’s something even top chefs use.

Most people hate preparing onions due to the tears but I have something that might help you and that’s soaking a peeled onion in water first for a little while before dicing it. That video also points something out, sharp knives, this is an essential thing in a kitchen sadly people treat perfectly good kitchen knives poorly and therefore will have bad experiences. Also don’t be afraid of your knives, they are your friend, as long as you treat them with a little respect and common sense.

Knife Care
Firstly, straighten your knives with a sharpening iron. Although this doesn’t really make your knife sharper it keeps the cutting edge straight. But if you knives are dull you have some options you can look at like a whetstone or a more modern choice like the electric knife sharpener. Whetstones are strictly for people that know how that works and is hard because you need to sustain the same angle constantly, the electric knife sharpener on the other hand makes it simple, just follow the instructions that come with it, since it does most of the work for you. Another thing you shouldn’t do is cut things on a hard surface or put your knives in the dishwasher since it’s bad for them so always clean them by hand. The benefits you will see if that chopping stuff or carving meat will suddenly become more fun and easy and you won’t be bothered by a knife that won’t perform again. If you own very expensive knives it can be beneficial to let an expert handle it for you since something like an expensive folded steel Japanese kitchen knife should be treated by an expert.

That’s all for this time! Next time I will be talking about my chocolate cake in a cup.


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