Cooking: Microwave Chocolate Cake

This is something I am still working on to perfect but it’s not bad as it is. Basically I tried this out because I made a bet with my girlfriend that I could bake a chocolate cake in a coffee mug in a microwave. This is extremely simple to do but remember this recipe is still work in progress which basically means I still need to see if I can make in any better. Here’s the Ingredients.

Cocoa Powder 1 tbsp – This needs to be unsweetened and that means no cocoa butter in it either.
Flour 1 tbsp – Just normal flour will do
Sugar 1-2 tbsp – This you can regulate how you want depending on how sweet you want it.
Vanilla Sugar ½ tsp – This step is optional
1 Egg
Milk – Will leave undefined. Any kind of Diary Milk will do.
One Coffee Mug – Must be even and cylindrical

First get a good bowl and then add the cocoa powder, flour, sugar and vanilla, if you choose to use it, and then then mix if up so the ingredients will get evenly distributed. Then crack one egg into the bowl after that you start mixing it and remember to keep stirring it until all the egg has been absorbed. Now add a little milk at a time and stir it till it’s absorbed. Continue doing this until the batter is the same consistency of yogurt. Pour it into a good thick sided coffee cup and pop it into the microwave for around 1½ minute. Viola done!


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