Meh, soo busy

Or not, as I attend summer university on CBS I start contemplating about how much time I need to be studying, since the guidelines state that I should be spending 45 hours a week per course studying outside of the allotted classes. But I think I spend more like 4-6 per course. But enough of that.

I know I said I would be doing a lot of posts during summer, remember summer ain’t over yet, but something came up. After a trip to visit my parents and attend my sister’s birthday my old man handed me a Playstation 3. Now the only game I have for it is a borrowed one and it’s Final Fantasy 13 which I am in the midst of completing. But taken into account that I wasn’t too fond of the PS3 due to the lack of games and the only reason I ever saw to get one was to replace my old 1st gen Blueray player. But now that I have one I might as well see what the hubbub is about. I will add another post for my cooking series later this month. Later!


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