Aliens VS Predator 2010

AVP2010 is by far as good as the old games especially AVP2. But it still has its charm but they look too much at the movies and this worries me a lot. When games like these who were basically great after the old recipe and then someone comes around and decides to fuse it with the current movie theme and then the old games is just wrong. But I guess I was hoping for an experience like I had with the 2 previous games but shit was too much to hope for.

But is the game bad? Not really it’s actually entertaining, some have said it’s short, and quite long considering you have 3 different campaigns to chose from. Although, I have one slight problem with this and that the fact that the length of the campaigns vary quite a bit and this is a little sad. I wouldn’t mind that they would be a little different but as an example you can take the marine campaign which is like 8 hours, the Predator campaign  of  6 hours and then the Xenomorph(Aliens) Campaign of 4 hours is quite sad. All the campaign were somewhat fun and that’s what counts for me but the most enjoyable campaign was predator by far. The reason for this is the trophy kills you can make, an example;

That video shows why I liked playing this game.


The game is okay but no where near the others. But it’s still entertaining and if you can get it slightly discounted it’s worth it. I played this on PC since I am of the opinion that these games should be played on PC.


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