Been a while

Well just posted a long awaited review of AVP2010 but truth is I haven’t really been very busy since I haven’t been posting anything for a while. The real reason should be found in lack of inspiration. Since I don’t feel inspired yet having a lot of things that I find awesome or that annoys me there just isn’t anything that sparks my interest enough to write about it. Well I will keep the blog open and post when something comes up as usual but just need to find my muse again.

Next week my classes start again and that means I have to spend two days week on campus. Although, since most of my classmates have gone on exchange, which I didn’t have the financial stability due to having to support my girlfriend, and therefore there will only be me and an exchange student there for Japanese Class during this semester. Since I am on my last year of my BA I will also need to work on my BA project during the year which the office has been quite vague about when I had inquired about it. So since I have some extra time I think I might study to take the JLPT(Japanese Learners Proficiency Test) this fall, so I will have some kind of goal.

So over and out from me see you around.

In additional news I passed all my ISUP courses fuck yeah!


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