Bad day

or should I say bad weekend plus Monday? Ever had those fully planned out weekends where you’re supposed to get a lot of stuff done but something just goes wrong. Well I just had one of those weekends yet Saturday was semi fine but still things just broke down around the place. First my kitchen sink and then some computer issues. Worst thing was the kitchen sink clogging up badly which had me really annoyed.

Well in other news I have somewhat good news and that’s that I have accepted a job as a Japanese to Danish translator for a Danish manga magazine. I hope this job is will be getting me some extra disposable income so I can afford some good Xmas presents for my siblings as well as my girlfriend.

Other things that I want to get off of my chest is a small rant about politics. Lately it’s been getting on my nerves so much that for most political parties in Denmark it’s all about throwing mud at each party and I am starting to hate this. The socialists are gaining power which is bad since they have a nasty track record of just spending and spending. Well in any case I don’t really like any of the current parties since it seems more about taking up stupid policies  what I really would like is to see some of them finally caring about the country as a whole and stop kissing the behind of their target groups. It’s sad to see these displays of what you would normally see in a chimpanzee cage. Well if I should change anything I would lower the government spending on some areas and increase others like every other party but I would touch things that they wouldn’t dream of. I would completely remove any financial support to developing or poor nations until the Danish economy is stabilized. Re-invest that money into the Danish educational system in order to secure the future of Denmark. Further, I would upgrade the Danish railway system to make public transport better. There are so many other things I would do that none of the other parties are thinking about but meh.


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