Last and the start of this month…

Have been absolutely crazy. Since my work started for comicparty it’s been fine and all just a lot to do an redo on translation work. Not that I did the most work on it by far. The people finalizing the magazine, as in graphics work and type setting etc., worked way harder than me. Hecko my friend did typesetting for the manga and for a more detailed version of the final work on the manga and links to the magazine head over to his blog.(link in the sidebar)

Well apart from all that I had some unpleasant stuff happen. Last week I was in bed with some odd illness that snuck up on me Monday last week with me starting to shake like hell followed by a fever and a heavy headache. This kept going up and down all week finally resulting in my missing a whole weeks work and school. In addition to this after cooking dinner I suddenly discovered my fridge had gone bye bye which pissed me off since everything in my damn kitchen seems to break these days.

In other news I have been playing Minecraft and Fallout New Vegas and both are great. Been neglecting EVE Online for little while though which I need to get back into or quit. I like EVE Online, but I don’t have the time to play it anymore and being a Vice President of a Corp isn’t really helping on the time matter. Also now that I have to focus on getting started on my project and get ready for exams time will be less, especially with new games also getting launched, available. But oh well time will tell.


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