Damn Homework!

I have a PowerPoint presentation due for tomorrow but as usual I don’t have very much to add to the PowerPoint. The theme is the same as my Japanese essay I wrote a couple of weeks ago but still the main points I can summarize in 4 slides… Well 3 really.

Anyhow I have been busy this weekend trying to structure my work schedule for the upcoming week and trying to come up with an idea for my BA project but for some reason I can’t come up with anything. My problem to my knowledge lies in that I have a problem grasping the essence of what this project is. The scale of which it is and what I have to do is a something I still have to unlock and acquire. This knowledge isn’t something that will present itself to me so I will have to go searching for it. ┬áIn my case I should easily get these things done and have time left to spare but since I am of a lazy nature and actually value doing nothing at times it gets tricky and therefore I can only really blame myself for my own tardiness in these matters. My earlier proclamation of quitting EVE Online might have been made a bit too quick so instead I decided to resign my position as Vice President of my Corporation in the game and go back to lying low while I work on my BA Project as well as other minor projects I have on my to do list. This upcoming week might be tough to get through but for once I have planned to try and work hard and get everything on my To-Do List done so I am back on track.

In other news

I plan to make a minor review of Fallout New Vegas when I get through it. Just that the game for now is quite overwhelming to me and therefore it will take some time. I am also planning on frapsing my Minecraft work as well but all these things are on hold until everything else I have planned is done. I also want to make a post on human nature as well as politics.


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