Oh, Denmark!

Mankind puzzles me to no end. People find me weird but by comparison I find them weird. I can’t get my head around why some people act the way they do but this is most likely due to every person being unique in their own way. The thing that gets me time and time again is the way we behave. This blog entry will go through my thoughts about some things that both annoy me and at times make me shiver.

General public behavior in Denmark

Lately it has become quite the norm in the happiest country in the world that people have no respect for each other. What I refer to is looking out for your fellow countrymen and taking part in keeping the streets clean and safe. One thing I can refer to are the dog owners who don’t pick up their dog’s leavings. These people don’t do it because they simply don’t care about other people and the chance that these people will step in it. I bet these very same people complain about it themselves when they by chance step in a pile of dog shit themselves. These people aren’t the only people who lack respect for other people since there’s a lot of trash, cigarette buds and, other crap lying around the street which makes me thing how people don’t really care anymore. There’s another type even since my mother pointed out that parents of kids that were invited to one of my sister’s birthday parties didn’t call and say that their kid couldn’t attend. Now to my mother’s defense she wrote that she also wanted to know who weren’t showing up to make sure to have bought enough groceries for the party. Now some didn’t call and this again is because they don’t care really. This behavior is something that gets me quite mad at times but I know I can’t do anything about it but if any Danes read this please keep in mind that you should mind others and not only yourself.

The Western Otaku

I myself read manga and watch anime but by far do I recognize myself as an otaku since I only enjoy the entertainment value of anime and manga. But the otaku annoys me, not because they are otaku, but because they exaggerate the whole thing. Some examples would be;

  • Trying to speak Japanese without knowing anything about grammar or the like~desu.
  • Imitating an anime character to such a degree that it gets utterly annoying and if the character this person is imitating came to life he/she would die of shame.
  • Anything Japanese is cool and I mean ANYTHING! These people thinks anything Japanese is awesome and to their defense a lot of Japanese things are quite fascinating BUT! These people never really try to understand these things. They apparently don’t see the bad aspects of the culture since any culture has this.
  • Screaming fangirls… In Denmark the girl to boy ratio is quite astounding since it’s something like 2:1 and that means when going to a convention here means that you should invest in a couple of wads of cotton to shove in your ears since these girls scream every 1-2 seconds.

This is only a few but you get the idea. Not that the guys are particularly better but they are to some degree quieter. But their problem seems to be hygiene but not all of them.

Choosing Sides

Be it politics, religion, racism you name it there are always more than one side and this isn’t a problem unless all sides are blind as bats. The aforementioned subjects all have the common denominator of being hot topics in politics but not only those since economics is in there as well making it a nice mud throwing fight for the politicians. On the side of the voters most seem blind how the government is behaving and each pick one side and don’t see the problems in their own side since they are too busy digging up dirt and trash talking the opponent. Not that the political parties are any different since they do mostly the same. So what’s wrong then? Well everyone has lost sight of what the important thing is and that namely is politics and working together instead of against each other. To me it seems more like a kindergarten where it’s more important to find dirt on people and so on. What I am looking for is politics that isn’t based on how you make the opposing party look bad.


If you’re a Dane please shape up and take an interest in our society here since it’s the only one we have and therefore should cherish it. This isn’t a hard thing when you think about it since all you have to do is pick up your trash or any other leaving and throw it in the bin. In addition it would help for the municipality to put up more garbage bins around town.


4 Responses to “Oh, Denmark!”

  1. I suggest having an arena and fights to the death among otaku fangirls for the amusement of the remaining participants of our convention, but the rest of the board of directors thought it was a bad idea D8

  2. Maybe I should get on there just to get you an extra vote then. ^^

  3. I know what you mean, but hey some days people treat each other pretty nicely and it warms the heart!

    • It’s not that I don’t see those people but when I see all the crap that happens everywhere I start to think about how good this place would be if the rest would be like the nice people. Furthermore, you could say the people being nice aren’t as inclined to mess things up for others as those being complete idiots or disrespectful.

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