Busy busy

Well it’s been a while since I posted anything to this blog and it’s mostly due to me not feeling like it or having time. So it’s been had to come up with anything to post due to these things. I finally decided to post something since I felt like it today.

So what’s been going on then? Well I have been busy with my BA project as well as with other school items such as exams and ¬†getting annoyed with my Japanese teachers. In non school related stuff I have finally gotten myself a new laptop which is nice and fast but not a gaming laptop, I have my stationary for that, but it’s great for school stuff. I got myself a Thinkpad L412 which only has the drawback of only having 4 hours of battery which I hope to fix by getting a 9cell battery. But will need to save some money before that. Apart from all this I cleaned my stationary last week and boy was it dusty but as a result it’s now nice cool and quiet. I have a project I want to start on but sadly it will cost me quite a bit of money to finish since I don’t make a hell of a lot of money on the side of my student support money so it will have to wait. But the project is to build myself a new Stationary with Sandy Bridge Core i5 2500k, SSD Raid 0, good GFX, and a dual screen setup. The thing is though that with the prices of SSDs the price will get near 20k DKK which I won’t have for a while but meh.

That’s it for now will have to get back to work since I have a lot on my plate which I need to finish.


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