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Facebook, I’ve had enough!

Posted in personal, Rants, Software with tags , , , , , on 02/12/2010 by aucry

Everyday it’s the same thing Facebook this and that around campus but that’s at a level I can tolerate. Online it’s different though, since websites have this Facebook integration crap I get very annoyed since in most cases it slows down the loading time and that gets me rather pissed off. This I worked around by using a Facebook banishing add on for my chrome browser which opted me out of that. That said, Facebook integration crap has made it into my MSN Messenger client. Now this is a message to MS “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS CRAP!” I don’t get it MS, well I get wanting to be following the times, but you should stay they fuck out of it. The reason I get mad about this is that the msn client is now a heave and slow as a shopping cart with an elephant in it. MSN 2011 is the biggest piece of crap I have seen in a looong time. That is why I am opting to downgrade to an earlier version until MS get back on track. MS it’s an IM client not a social networking tool so deal with it.

To anyone having beef with my opinion about this…. Go screw yourself. Since I am soo tired of all this Facebook crap it’s getting old now.

*I want to apologize for getting so heated up and using swearwords and rambling a bit.




Posted in Software with tags on 22/11/2010 by aucry

Did I ever tell you guys about Dropbox? If not I might as well do so now. Dropbox made my file synchronization a dream. For one I am not a person that uses my laptop for everything and this is mostly because I feel that laptops are good as mobile workstations so I basically only use them for work related things. This means I use my Stationary machine at home which I myself put together and therefore I spend a lot of time using it for not only gaming or surfing on the web but also doing school work or work in general. What Dropbox does for me in this sense is make sure my very important school and work files are backed up and available from anywhere really. Here’s a short demonstration video just to make it all a little easier to understand.

This video kind of explains the functions of this program. For those that only have one computer it’s great for group work through shared folders as well as a place to backup your files since you can access your own files through the web. If you decided to get Dropbox heres a link so that I shamelessly can get some extra space on my Dropbox account.

Thanks for reading.

Honourable Mention

Posted in Software with tags , , , on 11/03/2010 by aucry

Okay if you’re like me, you’re probably having a sort of hard time getting everything out of Office 2007. Well for this I can recommend this!

I personally find this one of the best things out of the OfficeLabs in a long time, since I haven’t tried Office 2010. But if you want to learn more about formatting text etc. this is a cool little tool for doing so. Furthermore, for you Facebook addicts it integrates with Facebook as well. You will be able to find Ribbon Hero here.