Last and the start of this month…

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Have been absolutely crazy. Since my work started for comicparty it’s been fine and all just a lot to do an redo on translation work. Not that I did the most work on it by far. The people finalizing the magazine, as in graphics work and type setting etc., worked way harder than me. Hecko my friend did typesetting for the manga and for a more detailed version of the final work on the manga and links to the magazine head over to his blog.(link in the sidebar)

Well apart from all that I had some unpleasant stuff happen. Last week I was in bed with some odd illness that snuck up on me Monday last week with me starting to shake like hell followed by a fever and a heavy headache. This kept going up and down all week finally resulting in my missing a whole weeks work and school. In addition to this after cooking dinner I suddenly discovered my fridge had gone bye bye which pissed me off since everything in my damn kitchen seems to break these days.

In other news I have been playing Minecraft and Fallout New Vegas and both are great. Been neglecting EVE Online for little while though which I need to get back into or quit. I like EVE Online, but I don’t have the time to play it anymore and being a Vice President of a Corp isn’t really helping on the time matter. Also now that I have to focus on getting started on my project and get ready for exams time will be less, especially with new games also getting launched, available. But oh well time will tell.



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Well I am among the people who are hooked on Minecraft. The game itself reminds me of Lego which I played with a lot as a kid and not only that it’s kind of exciting to see what’s deep down below your own feet in the game. A lot of people have been kind of inventive when it comes to the possibilities the game has when it comes to inventive ways of transportation and the like.

I am going to run a series of Minecraft post here introducing my humble abode and maybe later a couple of videos of it, if I can figure out what program to use, so that I can present my architecture.

Bad day

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or should I say bad weekend plus Monday? Ever had those fully planned out weekends where you’re supposed to get a lot of stuff done but something just goes wrong. Well I just had one of those weekends yet Saturday was semi fine but still things just broke down around the place. First my kitchen sink and then some computer issues. Worst thing was the kitchen sink clogging up badly which had me really annoyed.

Well in other news I have somewhat good news and that’s that I have accepted a job as a Japanese to Danish translator for a Danish manga magazine. I hope this job is will be getting me some extra disposable income so I can afford some good Xmas presents for my siblings as well as my girlfriend.

Other things that I want to get off of my chest is a small rant about politics. Lately it’s been getting on my nerves so much that for most political parties in Denmark it’s all about throwing mud at each party and I am starting to hate this. The socialists are gaining power which is bad since they have a nasty track record of just spending and spending. Well in any case I don’t really like any of the current parties since it seems more about taking up stupid policies  what I really would like is to see some of them finally caring about the country as a whole and stop kissing the behind of their target groups. It’s sad to see these displays of what you would normally see in a chimpanzee cage. Well if I should change anything I would lower the government spending on some areas and increase others like every other party but I would touch things that they wouldn’t dream of. I would completely remove any financial support to developing or poor nations until the Danish economy is stabilized. Re-invest that money into the Danish educational system in order to secure the future of Denmark. Further, I would upgrade the Danish railway system to make public transport better. There are so many other things I would do that none of the other parties are thinking about but meh.

Been a while

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Well just posted a long awaited review of AVP2010 but truth is I haven’t really been very busy since I haven’t been posting anything for a while. The real reason should be found in lack of inspiration. Since I don’t feel inspired yet having a lot of things that I find awesome or that annoys me there just isn’t anything that sparks my interest enough to write about it. Well I will keep the blog open and post when something comes up as usual but just need to find my muse again.

Next week my classes start again and that means I have to spend two days week on campus. Although, since most of my classmates have gone on exchange, which I didn’t have the financial stability due to having to support my girlfriend, and therefore there will only be me and an exchange student there for Japanese Class during this semester. Since I am on my last year of my BA I will also need to work on my BA project during the year which the office has been quite vague about when I had inquired about it. So since I have some extra time I think I might study to take the JLPT(Japanese Learners Proficiency Test) this fall, so I will have some kind of goal.

So over and out from me see you around.

In additional news I passed all my ISUP courses fuck yeah!

Aliens VS Predator 2010

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AVP2010 is by far as good as the old games especially AVP2. But it still has its charm but they look too much at the movies and this worries me a lot. When games like these who were basically great after the old recipe and then someone comes around and decides to fuse it with the current movie theme and then the old games is just wrong. But I guess I was hoping for an experience like I had with the 2 previous games but shit was too much to hope for.

But is the game bad? Not really it’s actually entertaining, some have said it’s short, and quite long considering you have 3 different campaigns to chose from. Although, I have one slight problem with this and that the fact that the length of the campaigns vary quite a bit and this is a little sad. I wouldn’t mind that they would be a little different but as an example you can take the marine campaign which is like 8 hours, the Predator campaign  of  6 hours and then the Xenomorph(Aliens) Campaign of 4 hours is quite sad. All the campaign were somewhat fun and that’s what counts for me but the most enjoyable campaign was predator by far. The reason for this is the trophy kills you can make, an example;

That video shows why I liked playing this game.


The game is okay but no where near the others. But it’s still entertaining and if you can get it slightly discounted it’s worth it. I played this on PC since I am of the opinion that these games should be played on PC.

Starcraft II Wings of Liberty

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Well it was my birthday Monday this week and sadly I didn’t receive any presents but I had to steel my resolve a little an wait. Since my GF and her brother had a surprise lying in wait for me. This was Starcraft II Wings of Liberty Collectors Edition. This CE as usual for Blizzard is crammed with neat stuff which I will be showing off when I do a review of the game itself as well. I wanted to take pictures now but my camera’s are out of power so meh. Well best present ever.

Been a while!

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Well not that I don’t want to post on my blog but it’s so hot here in little Denmark. We almost have tropical conditions as well as the highest temperatures ever measured during summer. So what have I been up to? Well I am still attending summer university which is great. I like my Consumer Behavior and Customer Analysis class a lot. Else I have been wallowing in the heat trying to get my self cooled down. But else I have my BA on the horizon which means I will be done with the ASP soon and then moving towards greener pastures hopefully.

In other news I went out with and old friend of mine from high school. The whole thing started because we started talking to each other on MSN and decided to go out for coffee and dinner and have a talk about now and old times as well as random stuff. It was fun and I had a great day. We walked around Copenhagen talking for a while and then sat down at a Baresso for coffee and sat there talking for quite a while. After that we went and had dinner at one of my favourite places in Copenhagen called Sporvejen. They mostly only serve burgers BUT I must say that they beat the crap out of the supposedly numero uno place for burgers in Copenhagen which is said to be Halifax. The difference is the price and the fries they are just better at Sporvejen. After that we went to Nørreport and went to each their own. It was a pleasant day and it was nice to see her again.

In other news I’m in the market for a new laptop but sadly I do not have the sufficient funds for it. But the reason is that my old IBM Thinkpad T42 no longer lives up to my performance requirements. After having it for 5 years it has by far served me well but as everything else it gets obsolete. One thing I am going to do with it is keep it as a testament to brilliant engineering. Might actually make room for it in my display case more or less to honour it. I know I know it’s crazy but I really love that laptop and as a result I have been reluctant to replace it while I had the money for it but now I don’t and have to write my BA so I want a better laptop specification wise so I can stay at school most of the day to write, read and, analyse.

I am also a little bummed out lately due to not being able to find any new good Drum and Bass music that gets me in the groove but that’s just a minor issue but as my old music doesn’t do it for me anymore I have been reluctant to bring my MP3 player anywhere.

Well that’s it for this time! I will finish some of my promises in due time but as this is my blog I control the speed of which I release things.