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Well Denmark has been colder than usual this month and in addition to that it’s been snowing a little. Personally I hate snow, not because it’s cold or wet etc. but because all the retards become apparent when it snows. Every year it’s the same thing, when we get snow, that some idiots haven’t really thought about getting winter tires on their cars, which should be done first thing when the temperature gets near 0, or for that matter know that they should clear their buildings of ice taps not to mention the sidewalk from snow in front of their house. Not that I want to get injured but sometimes I wish I would so I could sue some idiot for not clearing his sidewalk.

In other news. I am currently writing my term paper so been a little busy with that but it’s an annoying term paper though which has given me quite some trouble so far but getting the hang to it now so should be done in time. In addition I successfully downgreaded my MSN client to rid my system of the facebook infected MSN client which was soo nice to have the old one back which is so much faster than that new version.


Facebook, I’ve had enough!

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Everyday it’s the same thing Facebook this and that around campus but that’s at a level I can tolerate. Online it’s different though, since websites have this Facebook integration crap I get very annoyed since in most cases it slows down the loading time and that gets me rather pissed off. This I worked around by using a Facebook banishing add on for my chrome browser which opted me out of that. That said, Facebook integration crap has made it into my MSN Messenger client. Now this is a message to MS “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS CRAP!” I don’t get it MS, well I get wanting to be following the times, but you should stay they fuck out of it. The reason I get mad about this is that the msn client is now a heave and slow as a shopping cart with an elephant in it. MSN 2011 is the biggest piece of crap I have seen in a looong time. That is why I am opting to downgrade to an earlier version until MS get back on track. MS it’s an IM client not a social networking tool so deal with it.

To anyone having beef with my opinion about this…. Go screw yourself. Since I am soo tired of all this Facebook crap it’s getting old now.

*I want to apologize for getting so heated up and using swearwords and rambling a bit.


Plead to the gaming industry

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When developing a game for more than one platform i.e “Pc and console” please make sure to make a proper UI and control system for PC stop neglecting the fucking PC already, This is mostly a problem for FPS games or rather games with WASD controls for movement etc. the sole reason this pisses me off is that I can take a game like Mass Effect 2 and it feels console even with the controls. The irritation here is that I prefer playing my games on PC with keyboard and mouse… not a fucking controller and that’s final. One game that has been worrying me a bit is AVP that will be out soon is that all the control feedback I have seen is console base and I worry that like Bioshock and other console and PC cross platform releases that the PC version will suffer. So gaming industry stop focusing on only the console segment and make some proper controls and UIs for the PC. And consolefags suck it I don’t care if you thing games are meant to be played on the console.

Assesment test

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Every 2 weeks I get an assesment test in my Japanese class. This is fine with me although it’s stressfull when you have other classes but my teacher is extremely strict when grading and this makes the tests annoying for me. An example of this was the test from last week. I had studied extremely hard for it and answered every part of it. Today they were returned graded where I expected 30+/40 points but noo I got a frickin’ 26/40. Why? Beacause 2 of my answers were too simple in her opinion but not wrong and one was wrong which I do understand.

The reason this annoys me alot is just that the avarage has to be 1.1 to pass and each test is graded like this;

0-17.5 points is a -3
18-23.5 points is a 00
24-25.5 points is a 2
26-29.5 points is a 4
30-35 points is a 7
35.5-38 points is a 10
and 38.5 to 40 is a 12

I just needed to vent about it but I feel more and more inclinced to complain about it because I don’t feel like I have the time and level of memory to study all day in and out to pass that damn test when I have other classes as well.


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Well after reading some news stories this evening about the extremist muslim organization Hiz-bhut-tahir I got severely pissed at some of the comments left by readers. This sparked the initial motivation to write this post.


(found on the intarweb, I don’t take any credit.)

What religion means to me

Religion is old and outdated. Religion only means something to me in the aspect of it being an annoyance and an eyesore. Why? Because religion has the nerve to still exist in the modern world and further more religious nuts still exist in the modern world. What I mean with this is that we “mankind” have come very far but still our progress could have been much grander in the last 2000 years in the least. The thing is, that religion in any form in some way or another hampers the technological progress that mankind so dearly needs but can’t have because a bunch of over zealous superstitious morons that claim there is a god.

sciencevsfaithClick the image!

One thing that man should finally see, is the fact that we are intelligent beings that shouldn’t be under the influence of something as medieval as religion. We should instead cast away the shackles of religion and aim for a ban in the western world. This might be a bit extreme but at least instead of teaching religious themes in schools or allow schools that specialize in the teaching of such a religion to exist. Another thing that could be done in is remove any funding to religion and start focusing that money on the school system.

Why so serious?

Well my seriousness taken into account I really mean this when I say it. MAN KIND IS TOO GOOD FOR RELIGION! Now stop fucking supporting it and go do something constructive with your life instead of spending all you time and money on something that’s most likely considered the biggest fucking lie in the history of mankind. I can’t really understand the reasoning behind faith in something intangible that has the nerve to let people starve, wage wars etc. This reminds me of a quote I heard that I no longer remember the source of but is still funny and true. “God will let poor innocent and defenseless children die of hunger but will bathe any man in a sea of fire if he touches another mans willy!” this quote made my day.

But religion brings benefits and help people!

Hell no, I have never seen any benefit from religion, I might just see this in some odd perspective knowing very little of other religions than the christian but still the benefits religion brings is often refered to as social belonging. Hell do you people even try? Sorry but people who crawl to god because they are some pathetic excuse for a human being, I don’t really care about you people. Really I don’t because the only people who matter are the people who try, not the people who crawl to some superstitious diety that is supposed to be all powerful but doesn’t really help anyone! Yeah yeah I am nitpicking…. Fuck no take muslims they have the fucking nerve to think they are allowed to persecute other people and kill them? Well I know that the west vent on a crusade on the same principles because the stupid bible said so. Then later invaded the middle east to bring them democra(oil)cy well I know my country participated but mostly to support our allies. So why don’t we leave? because some people down there actually liked we overthrew the old government, but the ones ruining it for them aren’t the U.S or Europe but their countrymen who are too busy killing them and blaming it on foreign army in their country. Hell would they stop it would be a lot smoother sailing but noo some people who have been brainwashed from childhood are slowing down the process.


Well ideal would be a country founded on the ideals of science where religion would be illegal and anyone who tries to convert people would be cast for the gates and banned for life. A truly blissful society where technological development would surpass the grandest dreams of man. But this would most likely be targeted by any religious nut that get’s a bad case of “God exists because a book a man wrote says so with no proof what so ever and therefore I must smite those who oppose it.” this kind of reasoning is why I see religious people as cavemen who don’t really know anything about the world. It also seems that the level of how religious people are of a country depends of the level of education. Seriously, go figure! The U.S is so religious (no America you do not have good education) I suppose most european and Scandinavian countries have good education as well as Japan.

The views depicted here are mine, this means that if you have a problem with them you should in fact go back to school or the least read something else but the bible. I write this openly because it’s my blog and my country happens to have freedom of speech. This is also work in progress and might change as I see fit.