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Well Denmark has been colder than usual this month and in addition to that it’s been snowing a little. Personally I hate snow, not because it’s cold or wet etc. but because all the retards become apparent when it snows. Every year it’s the same thing, when we get snow, that some idiots haven’t really thought about getting winter tires on their cars, which should be done first thing when the temperature gets near 0, or for that matter know that they should clear their buildings of ice taps not to mention the sidewalk from snow in front of their house. Not that I want to get injured but sometimes I wish I would so I could sue some idiot for not clearing his sidewalk.

In other news. I am currently writing my term paper so been a little busy with that but it’s an annoying term paper though which has given me quite some trouble so far but getting the hang to it now so should be done in time. In addition I successfully downgreaded my MSN client to rid my system of the facebook infected MSN client which was soo nice to have the old one back which is so much faster than that new version.


Been a while!

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Well not that I don’t want to post on my blog but it’s so hot here in little Denmark. We almost have tropical conditions as well as the highest temperatures ever measured during summer. So what have I been up to? Well I am still attending summer university which is great. I like my Consumer Behavior and Customer Analysis class a lot. Else I have been wallowing in the heat trying to get my self cooled down. But else I have my BA on the horizon which means I will be done with the ASP soon and then moving towards greener pastures hopefully.

In other news I went out with and old friend of mine from high school. The whole thing started because we started talking to each other on MSN and decided to go out for coffee and dinner and have a talk about now and old times as well as random stuff. It was fun and I had a great day. We walked around Copenhagen talking for a while and then sat down at a Baresso for coffee and sat there talking for quite a while. After that we went and had dinner at one of my favourite places in Copenhagen called Sporvejen. They mostly only serve burgers BUT I must say that they beat the crap out of the supposedly numero uno place for burgers in Copenhagen which is said to be Halifax. The difference is the price and the fries they are just better at Sporvejen. After that we went to Nørreport and went to each their own. It was a pleasant day and it was nice to see her again.

In other news I’m in the market for a new laptop but sadly I do not have the sufficient funds for it. But the reason is that my old IBM Thinkpad T42 no longer lives up to my performance requirements. After having it for 5 years it has by far served me well but as everything else it gets obsolete. One thing I am going to do with it is keep it as a testament to brilliant engineering. Might actually make room for it in my display case more or less to honour it. I know I know it’s crazy but I really love that laptop and as a result I have been reluctant to replace it while I had the money for it but now I don’t and have to write my BA so I want a better laptop specification wise so I can stay at school most of the day to write, read and, analyse.

I am also a little bummed out lately due to not being able to find any new good Drum and Bass music that gets me in the groove but that’s just a minor issue but as my old music doesn’t do it for me anymore I have been reluctant to bring my MP3 player anywhere.

Well that’s it for this time! I will finish some of my promises in due time but as this is my blog I control the speed of which I release things.

Project work is tedious

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Well currently it’s crunch time for our project and therefore I am spending a lot of time on it so that my group may be done by Sunday or Monday. For the blog I currently have some stuff in the works but it wont be out until after I’ve handed in the project next week. The things I am working on are;

Aliens vs Predator 2010 review
A Fallout 3 related post
Something cooking related, but I need a video camera for this.

Additionally I want to give some credit to a fan-movie that made me impressed as well as I would want Hollywood to learn something from it.

What I am talking about is a AVP fan-movie which was allegedly made for $500 for props and the rest was free.


I found this amazing and derserves every bit of recognition it can get.